Frequently asked questions

Using the site: contact

How can I contact another member?
To contact another member, go to his/her profile. There, you will find a “Send Message” link in the left sidebar below the profile picture. Just click on it and write your message in the blank field provided and then click on “send”. The member will receive your message in his/her BeWelcome mailbox but all messages will also be sent to his/her e-mail address.
How can I find other members’ e-mail addresses?
By default, members’ e-mail addresses are not displayed on their profiles in order to protect them from getting spam.

You can always contact members through the integrated messaging system. Clicking on the member’s username will take you to the profile of that member. Once there, you will find a “Send Message” link in the left sidebar below the profile picture. Just click on it and write your message in the blank field provided. Of course, you are always free to ask specific members for their personal e-mail addresses.

You might also want to check if the member you want to contact has an instant messenger username such as Skype, MSN, Yahoo or ICQ on the profile.

Can I display my e-mail address on my profile?
By default, member’s e-mail addresses are not displayed on the profiles. If, however, you explicitly wish to have your e-mail address visible for every member, please put your e-mail address in your profile summary. If your profile is a public profile, your e-mail will then also be visible to non-members and searchable by search engines. Please note that this will increase your chances of getting spam! An easy way to avoid spam is to publish your e-mail address like this: “name [at] mailserver [dot] whatever”.
Do I have to provide my phone number?
You are not required to provide your phone number at all. If you don’t want people to contact you by phone, just don’t provide any phone number, remove it or hide it. We generally recommend to keep your phone number hidden.

To choose your preferred visibility option for your phone number go to My account > Edit my profile and then choose your settings in the “Contact Information” tab. Other members can always contact you by using the secure message mechanism on the BeWelcome website and those messages will be sent through to your e-mail address.

Can I contact members in languages other than English?
You can contact members in any language specified on the member’s profile which also indicates how well that person speaks the said language. If you write to them in a language they don’t understand, they won’t be able to answer you.
Where can I see the messages that I have sent through the BeWelcome website?
To see your sent messages go to My account > My messages in the menu bar and then click on the “Messages Sent” tab.
How can I delete messages from my BeWelcome inbox?
To delete messages from your BeWelcome inbox tick the checkbox in front of the message and then click on the button “delete”. Alternatively, click on the message to read it and there is a “delete” button for this message at the bottom of the page. Just click it and the message will be deleted.

Please note that deleting the message from your inbox does not delete the message from the “sent messages” page of the member who sent it to you.

I’m looking for travel companions. Can you help me?
The “Travel Companions” group: This group is specifically dedicated to bringing people together for travelling. If you are in search for a travel companion, join the group and post your travel plans there.
Are there any older people using BeWelcome? How can I find them?
Older people are not only very welcome on BeWelcome, they also already form an important part of the community. To get in touch with older members, you can, for example join the “40+ travellers” group or the “50+ group” or use the “Advanced Search” (click on “Advanced Search” next to the “Search” button) and enter a minimum age for your search there.